Exciting New Tools for Designers, June 2024

3 days ago

In this month’s roundup of the best tools for web designers and developers, we’ll explore a range of new and noteworthy tools designed to enhance various aspects of your daily tasks. Whether you’re looking to balance your work and life more effectively, find inspiration for web interactions, or streamline your development process, there’s something here for everyone. Enjoy!

Timeframe calendar aims to boost your productivity and keep you organized by integrating todos with time blocking and task timers.

Balance is a slightly different time management tool. It requires you to manually clock on and off and urges you to take breaks, which may help you develop a better work/life balance.

This marketplace offers themes and templates for a wide range of frameworks, including Nuxt, Gatsby, Angular, Tailwind, Vue, and Laravel. It even offers a few options for basic HTML.

Webstudio has introduced a frontend builder that can be used with any headless CMS. It is a visual builder that will connect to your choice of CMS without the need for custom code.

All of the stock images on StockCake are AI-generated, public domain, and free. You can search by subject, mood, and color.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for animations or interactions, like transitions, sliders, or section reveals, this collection is a great place to start.

Give Font Interceptor the URL of a website, and it will identify and download all the fonts used on that site. Handy for trying stuff out.

Generating legal documents like privacy policies and GDPR compliance can be a pain but necessary. Avodocs generates legal documents for start-ups with an entry-level account of 3 free documents per month.

This visual site mapping and wireframing tool has been updated to make planning apps and websites fast and easy to share. And it has Figma integration.

OpenAI’s new flagship model boasts real-time reasoning from audio, video, image, and text inputs and can output a combination of audio, text, and image responses.

MarsCode is a cloud-based IDE with an AI code assistant for code completion and to help speed up debugging, storage, deployment, and schema generation.

This is a collection of typefaces that are available for free from various sources across the web. It is curated by an actual human who understands type and typography.

This automated UI/UX bug finder will check for all sorts of mistakes and discrepancies, from spelling errors to missing images and positioning hiccups.

Research indicates that keyword-based SEO is no longer effective, so the Graphite SEO platform takes a topic-based approach.

The latest update to the popular prototyping tool Justinmind (10.4) has added a new feature that allows you to create user flow diagrams.

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