Google Bard – What You Should Know About The Conversational AI

Alphabet Inc shares plumped USD 100 billion value in the market soon after Google’s own AI chatbot Google Bard threw up a wrong piece of information in its promotional video! While the makers missed a heartbeat with that answer, millions of investors who banked on Google’s products got a cautionary note on their financial planning.
Even the best Artificial Intelligence development companies are all eyes and ears on Google Bard and its progress to leverage their businesses. Undoubtedly, such technology experiments and development would affect the overall software industry in the future. So, what’s Google Bard? Why is it considered an answer to Microsoft ChatGPT, the talk of the town these days?

What is Google Bard?
Google Bard is Alphabet’s (Google’s parent company) conversational artificial intelligence and is said to be the result of enormous pressure to respond to Open AI’s hotcake ChatGPT. Available only to ‘trusted testers’, Google Bard is built to showcase the marvelous extension of the world’s endless information. A report by Wired said that Google Bard is supported by Google’s LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) AI model, the technology from 2021.
How does Google Bard work?
Google, in 2017, created and released a neural network architecture called Transformer that would become a base of LaMDA. Interestingly, the ChatGPT language model is derived from GPT-3 which also used Transformer as its base.
Google Bard, in the initial stage, will be lightweight and it will use an enormous amount of data from the Internet in addition to LaMDA to respond to any query under the sun. according to Sundar Pichai, the result of Bard’s answer shall show freshness and high-quality answers. In the launch in February 2023, it was revealed that Google Bard shall be available and accessible to all in the forthcoming weeks.
What is Bard’s rival? Microsoft ChatGPT?
As stated earlier, many tech experts believe that Google was under tremendous peer pressure after Microsoft ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer) captured the market and attention of everyone. According to the Swiss Bank UBS, ChatGPT is an omnipotent app with the highest growth rate.
What was Google Bard’s Hiccough?
Glitches are inevitable, even for tech giants. Google had a rough launch of its product Google Bard. In its very first demo, the Bard tool showed a glitch in answering a bit complex answer which created a big blow to the parent company Alphabet Inc. The share prices grew downward and it all cost the company nearly 100 billion dollars.
The question that cost the parent company an arm and a leg was related to space.
What new discoveries from the James Webb Space Telescope can I tell my 9-year-old about?
Google Bard went berserk and presented a few bullet points which included the claim that the telescope took the first pictures of ‘exoplanets’ (planets outside earth’s solar system). In Bard’s own words…
These discoveries can spark a child’s imagination about the infinite wonders of the universe – Google Bard
Before Google’s AI chatbot could do further, hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts who were sharply listening to Bard’s answer caught the glitch. James Webb Telescope did not discover exoplanets; it was European Southern Observatory’s very large telescope that did it. Nasa confirmed the fact and that was havoc for Google supporters. Many had a tongue-in-cheek remark that the company could have fact-checked the exoplanet claim by simply googling it!

Watch the video here: Google AI chatbot Bard flubs an answer in an ad – on YouTube
What’s Next for Google Bard?
While tech experts in the company are at work to make the product flawless and error-free, it is indeed a big challenge for them to make the product inclusive and omnipotent.
Indeed, Alphabet won’t take it as a duck takes water off its back. Google is soon going to work on the glitches as it would carry out hundreds of experiments now before putting the AI-enabled chatbot Google Bard on the market.
The chatbot shall bring a revolution in mobile app development powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. In near future, customized mobile apps shall answer and respond to human queries in much faster and more accurate ways.
Meanwhile, the present-day automated chat tool available in the market can serve the purpose of your business. Hire top chatbot developers to make tailor-made customer support to assist your users and clients 24/7 with their queries and concerns.

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