Weekly News for Designers № 685

The Most Popular Build Tools for Front-end Developers in 2023 – Discover tools that will help you build, test, and deploy front-end code.
8 CSS & JavaScript Snippets for Custom Text Paths – Examples of text path effects that mimic the print design.Double Image Hover Effects with Clip-Path Animations – Effects that reveal images in clever ways.
Scrollbar.app – This app makes it easy to create custom scroll bars.
How to Help Your Clients Master eCommerce – Teach clients to manage their eCommerce websites and guide them towards success.
A Guide To Accessible Form Validation – Items to consider when implementing form validation techniques.
React Libraries for 2023 – How to choose the right library for your React application.
The JavaScript Site Generator Review, 2023 – A look at the top site generation tools on the market.
25 Free Lightroom LUTs for Stunning Photo Effects – Use these tools to transform your photos into stylish, eye-catching images.
Tips for Better CSS Transitions & Animations – Learn to create animations that add a high-quality look to your designs.
Mondrian Generator – Use this tool to create unique works of art.
Why the Grumpy Designer Isn’t Sold on the AI Hype Machine – AI has massive potential. But it’s not necessarily the Utopian dream some are selling.
Generate Tailwind CSS Components Using ChatGPT – This AI-powered tool will craft custom components for the popular CSS framework.
Web Interface Guidelines – A non-exhaustive list of details that make a good web interface.
Introducing ChatGPT & Whisper APIs – You can now integrate these popular AI tools into your own apps and products.
WordPress 6.2 Source of Truth – A comprehensive list of features and changes in the upcoming version.

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